Professional & Passionate

Benjamin Jaymes has been established to become a reliable, flexible and effective Recruitment service provider covering the global demand for Electrical, Software and Automation professionals across multiple industries. Our purpose is to provide dependable solutions to personnel requirements.

Take a Vision to a Reality with Benjamin Jaymes

Our mission at Benjamin Jaymes is to deliver to the ultramodern evolving era of recruitment. Being established in 2021, representing the twenty-first century and understanding the magnitude and value of digital platforms. Whilst holding strong morals of a relationship driven service, our mission is to solely understand the skillsets, beliefs and desires of our engaged community in order to make a vision a reality.

Start with why?

There are recruitment agents that recruit and there are recruitment agents that  care. 

We are working to inspire, advance ideas and visons in every conversation held.

We are not simply trying to fix the things that are not working, rather Benjamin Jaymes was founded to amplify and focus on the things that do work. By steering away from following ‘procedures’ and focusing on ‘personnel’.

Wilbur & Orville Wright were working on their own flying machine. Their passion to fly was so intense that it inspired the enthusiasm and commitment of a dedicated group in their hometown of Ohio. No funding for their venture, no government grants, no high level connections, not a single person in the team had an advanced degree. Nevertheless on Dec 17th 1903 a small group witnessed a man take flight for the first time history – Wilbur & Orville Wright. 

Benjamin Jaymes is committed to inspire enthusiasm and dedication to assist in developing world changing technology.