Community  Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our community say:

Russel Arcena

Commissioning Engineer 

“It is my privilege’s working with Kane. Kane has an exceptional talent and approach professionalism towards work. It is easy to work with him: demonstrating a calm, compassionate, helpful demeanour toward those in need and being supportive.

So, I highly recommend Mr. Kane Faulkner-Wild as a “Specialist” in the Recruitment Industry!”

Kadir Kepenek 

Project Engineer

“Kane is excellent recruitment consulting professional. He is very helpful and easy to work with. Kane is a very energetic, creative, enthusiastic, presentable, compassionate, and committed professional with consistent work habits. I really enjoyed working with him.”

Ron De Jonge 

Qa/Qc Inspector 

“Kane is accurate and a passionate man as a recruiter. Can be reached around the clock. A pleasant person.”

Mehrnoosh Akbarizadeh 

Frontend Developer

Benjamin Jaymes’ company is the most supportive and friendly company that I have worked with so far.

They can find the most suitable company for you and suggest you to them.

They were by my side throughout the meetings, and this companionship made me comfortable enough to not feel the normal fear or stress of an interview.

They listen carefully all the interview time and if some question or some part of the interview doesn’t make sense, they would explain it to you and support you.

If you’d lose your conversation for any reason, they could rearrange it and support you

If you are looking for permanent or contract work, locally or globally. Benjamin Jaymes will provide a wide choice of opportunities within a diverse range of organisations, from start ups to large corporations.

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